Magdalena Helena Olek

I am a Italian Style lover and a citizen of the world.

Poland is my hometown, where I grew up and from where I moved at the age of 20 to Italy. I have visited many countries in the 5 years I was a flight attendant and I’m aware of being lucky to have known and appreciate different cultures. In 2016 I started dealing like a professional make-up artist and image consultant by opening my YouTube channel MISS MAGDULA where I’m talking about my life.
In 2018 I followed my partner in the exciting entrepreneurial adventure in the United States and in 2020 the online store of my dreams, with clothing and accessories, was born. Designed to give the opportunity to some already known brands and emerging designers, our partners, to internationalize their offer by using a modern multi-language platform that allows to sell and ship worldwide products for Customers’ maximum safety.

Style and quality products directly available to your home. A journey that continues, step by step … all together.

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