If you want to totally revolutionize your wardrobe and learn how not to fill the wardrobe of unnecessary clothes, wasting a lot of money and a lot of energy – this service is designed for you. We will do together a review of garments that you already have, saving the right ones by doing a new styling and right matching. Then I will make a list of items you miss, the “must have” of the season and the “strategic leaders”, versatile items that go beyond seasonal trends. You will receive various outfit mood boards via e-mail with items you already own. All this can be followed by a shopping specifically designed for your needs (check out Personal Shopper service).



Following the wardrobe detox service you have the opportunity to do a shopping experience designed specifically for your needs. I will prepare a tour where you will be able to buy items you don’t have, the ‘must haves’ of the season and the versatile ones that go beyond seasonal trends. For more information go to the PERSONAL SHOPPER service.