Clothes are not just an element to represent ourselves but are the first image that speaks about us.

There are occasions where our look plays an important role.

Let’s think of the business world, where a first impression can play in favor of one’s career.

So how to choose the right ones? I’ll do an interview where we will discover your style and your silhouette’s strengths and weaknesses. On this occasion I will take a general look at your wardrobe selecting the most suitable garments for your figure and occasion of use.

After the interview, you will receive via e-mail various mood boards with targeted style objectives, customized garments and outfits. All this can be followed by a shopping designed for your needs (check out Personal Shopper service).


Following the image consultancy service you have the opportunity to do a shopping experience designed specifically for your needs. I will prepare a tour where you will be able to buy items you don’t have, the ‘must haves’ of the season and the versatile ones that go beyond seasonal trends. The tour will be customized to reflect your personal style. For more information go to the PERSONAL SHOPPER service.